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MHW Crushing Aggregates

MHW Crushing, LLC processes high quality construction materials at our Nicholson Quarry. We also provide on site mobile crushing and screening services for large construction and demolition projects.

  • 2RC / Screened Clean Fill

    2RC / Screened Clean Fill

    MHW’s 2RC is a screened clean fill that has a 2” top size. It contains loam, silt and rock pre-screened before the crusher. Excellent grading and shaping capabilities in clean fill or compacted fill applications.

  • 1/2” Minus

    1/2” Minus

    1/2” Minus has a half inch top size with stone dust. Compacts very well. Used for driveway topcoat and pipe bedding.

  • 4” Minus

    4” Minus

    4” minus has a 4” top size with a mixture of various sized aggregate and stone dust. Provides excellent compaction. Great for driveway and parking lot base.

  • #3’s


    #3’s have a 3” top size down to 1.5” bottom size. This is a clean stone used for sub base, construction entrances and drainage applications. Will not compact.

  • 2A Modified

    2A Modified

    2A Modified has a 2” top size and contains coarse aggregate and stone dust for excellent compaction. Commonly used for driveways and parking lots, compacted back fill, and pavement sub base.

  • #57’s / 2B

    #57’s / 2B

    #57’s commonly referred to as 2b has an 1.5” top size and is a clean stone. Applications include drainage, foundation and retaining wall back fill, and driveways.

MHW Quarry

Our team is local, our quarry is local.

  • SR 1029, Nicholson, PA, 18446
  • From US Rt 11 you follow Sr 1029 1/2 mile and you’ll see the quarry behind Trail high school
  • (570) 575-4340
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